Multiple Personality Order

Large scale site-specific dance performance & dance film created in Lima/Peru in collaboration with filmmaker Anna Maria Staicu. 

Multi-media dance performance in collaboration with multi-media + video artist Shraddha Borawake. Made possible by NYU Gallatin School for Individualized Studies.

Developed in 2011
3 dancers
Performance length: 15 min
Concept: Shraddha Borawake + Svea Schneider
Choreography: Svea Schneider



Multiple Personality Order is multi media dance performance that combines recorded video, live projections and live movement. MPO investigates media as an extension of the self and depicts the interplay and dynamic between multiple realities and multiple replicated versions of our own identity, facilitated by advanced technological devices and social networks.
— Preformed at: Ladies of Hip Hop Festival, Salvatore Capezio Theater, NYU Gallatin Arts Festival